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As I look at this subject, several different ideas come to mind. Football teams, basketball teams, track teams, office teams, church, etc. We win “By a mile,” “By the skin of our teeth,” “By an inch,” or by “The hair of my chinny-chin-chin.” Most teams have two different teams within the team, defense and offense. There are also different positions and responsibilities for each individual.

It’s “March Madness” time in college basketball where a champion will be crowned. The university, athletic director, coach, and players all make up the team. For sake of argument the university is the owner. The athletic director is the CEO. The coach is the hands on boss and the players are the employees. Each has a responsibility to the team based upon their talents. The coach has to be able to run the players and not only get the best from them, but, also keep them on the same page. Practice and preparation is vital to  the success they all  want, which is winning the games they play. The offense is used to score the points and the defense is used to keep the other team from scoring. Most of us talk about the high scorer or top rebounder. We don’t stop to consider the bench or roll players because they are not as “Important” or are they? Remember this is a team effort and everyone is needed, depending on their talents. The better the team is prepared the better the chance is for them to earn the championship crown at the end.

Christianity is a direct parallel. It involves team play. Again for sake of argument, God/Jesus are the owners. God’s word is the CEO. The preacher is the coach and the rest of us are the players. Each of us has a responsibility based upon our individual talents (Ephesians 4). Practice and preparation (continued study) will let us use these talents to the fullest. If we all use our talents to the best of our ability the individual congregation will grow and be the success that God wants. The church has two teams also, offense and defense. The offense does the things necessary to keep everything positive and growing by using God’s Word. The defense also uses God’s Word to keep Satin out of the church. As individuals, if we do all we can and perform to our capabilities, we will win the race. In the end we will earn the “Crown of Life.”

God has a plan laid out for us and all we have to do is follow it. Search and study the scripture, it’s there for you. I don’t think we can gain heaven by “The skin of our teeth’ or by an “Inch” or a “Mile.” We need to stick to God’s plan and execute it to the fullest and by His Grace we will be given the “Crown of Life” and eternal salvation.

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