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We have all at some time or another been put in a tough situation. Whether it was with family, friends, workplace, Church, school, money problems, etc. Sometimes we can know what to do, yet other times we are at a complete loss on what to do. Today I want to give two different views on tough situations and how those involved saw what to do.

Genesis 22:1-19 tells the story of Abraham and the tough situation he found himself in. God called upon him and Abraham said, “Here am I.” God then proceeded to tell Abraham to sacrifice his only son whom he loved very much. Abraham didn’t question God and set out to do what he was asked. He did all the preparation and took his son to the mountain where God told him to go. Isaac, Abraham’s son, had no idea what was going on and he said to Abraham, “My Father!!” Abraham said, “Here am I, my son.” Isaac asked where the sacrificial lamb was and Abraham said, “God will provide it.”  An angel of the Lord called Abraham and he said, “Here am I.” Then a ram showed up caught in the bushes. God had sent the ram and Abraham did not have to sacrifice Isaac. The point of this story is that Abraham had complete faith in God. Three times he was called, and all three times he answered, “Here am I.” He was in a tough situation and knew God would take care of him.

The second story I want to share is about Moses. In Exodus 3:9-12, God calls on Moses. He tells Moses, “I am sending you to Pharaoh to bring my people, the sons of Israel, out of Egypt.” Moses didn’t want to do this for God and started asking all kinds of questions. God wasn’t taking no for an answer. God gave him all of answers and finally Moses said to God, “They are not going to believe me.” (Exodus 4:1-17) God still was not going to take no for an answer, so he gave Moses a couple things to show Pharaoh to convince him about who Moses was. 1) God put a rod in Moses’s hand and Moses dropped it to the ground and it turned to a serpent, Moses picked it up and it turned back to a rod. 2) Now God told Moses to put his hand in his bosom, when he took it out it was leprous. He put it back in his bosom and took it back out and it was restored like it was originally. God now tells Moses, After you show these things to them maybe they will believe you.” God then tells Moses, “If those don’t work, get some water from the Nile and pour it on the ground and it will turn to blood.” Now Moses tells God he is not an eloquent speaker, and asks God to send some one else. God tells him not to worry, “I will put the words in your mouth.” Moses makes one more plea to God to please send some one else. God tells him, “I will get Aaron, your brother to help you.” Moses was in a tough situation, and between he and God, they got things worked out.

What I want you to think about is this: Are you like Abraham and have complete faith in God or are you like Moses and need more help from God to get worked through things. Either way, with God, you will see that you can handle any “Tough Situation” you get put into. Have a good day all!!


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