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Fatso–scumbag–fleabag–curly–you’re not good enough–can’t you do anything right?–you’ll never amount to anything–you’re just stupid–you’re not as good as your brother/sister–slut–piggy–nerd–and the list goes on.

If you have ever been bullied you’ve heard some of these sayings or maybe all of them. Harmless words to some and VERY harmful to others. Making fun of you, brow beating, putting down, making fun of what you do, are all excuses the one doing the bullying uses. No matter what twist you want to put on these sayings, they all amount to bullying. Many people deal with this every day. It doesn’t matter what age, color of skin, or gender you are. IT HAPPENS!!

How it is dealt with varies from individual to individual. Some will resort to cutting. Some will resort to eating disorders. Some will go into a deep depression and completely withdraw from any activity. Some will turn to alcohol. Some will turn to drugs. Some end up in jail, completely throwing their life away. Some will turn to suicide. Regardless of what happens, it could have been prevented had those words not been said.

There is help out there for those individuals who are having this problem happening to them. For kids, there are counselors available at school (They WILL listen and help). If they are a part of a church, there is clergy available to help them. If they have a decent communication line between them and their parents, the parents can help. It may have gotten bad enough for them that as they reach out, professional help may be needed. Parents–watch for signs, before it gets too late to help. Three of the major signs are, 1) Withdrawal and 2) Grades have dropped for no apparent reason 3) Change of friends or no friends.

Adults can also have a problem with bullying. It can be a work related problem. It could be a spouse abuse/marriage problem. It could be getting eliminated from a group. And it could be that some of the above words and sayings are being said and done to them. Whatever the case might be the symptoms are the same as for kids. Depression, drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, and suicide. Adults are like kids in that they sometimes won’t reach out for help. In a strong marriage with good communication, the spouse will see what is happening and reach out to help. If you are part of a church group, they can help, especially the clergy. Most of them are trained to listen and give guidance. And like kids, it may be bad enough that you will need professional help.

Bullying is a huge problem in today’s world. As we read about it and learn about it, the more concern there is for those being bullied. It’s a sad situation for those it is happening to and needs to be addressed. If you know of someone, or you are being bullied, SEEK HELP!!

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