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Television, Radio, Internet, Newspaper. We are influenced by what we read, hear and see. We think we have a choice in what we read, hear, and see, but, do we really? It seems we are deluged with negativity and wrong doings to the point they seem to become acceptable, but, are they? I once heard a Sermon on staying three feet away from trouble and you will never be in trouble. The problem is, you keep moving back each time something becomes acceptable and soon you are “In The Muck” yourself. That is what is happening today.

Let’s look at Television first. We are in the midst of selecting the next President of these great United States. We see Republicans beat up each other as well as their opponents. We see Democrats beat up on each other as well as their opponents. Why can’t we here the good about about the ones running? I would rather base my decision on what is good rather than what is bad. All the negativity we hear and see is a lot of what is wrong with the process. We tune in to watch shows on Prime Time and we are encompassed with divorce, adultery, drugs, alcohol, sexual encounters, homosexuality and the list goes on. We watch these things over and over until they seem to become acceptable. It’s no wonder we have such a problem with kids we are trying to raise as well as our own lives. Why do we let this happen? The evening news is filled with reports of accidents, rapes, drive by shootings, etc. Very seldom do we hear about the good that is going on within the city and surroundings. Would it not be better for us to hear good news than to dwell on the bad? A lot of the reason we are sad and unhappy is because of all the negativity we deal with in our daily lives.

You can take all these things and you will find the same thing going on with Radio, Internet and Newspapers. Why do we keep doing the same thing and expect different results? We can’t!!! You all want change–start with getting the negativity out of your life. Stop accepting the things you hear and see that you know are wrong. Work on changing yourself first and society will become better.

I’m an avid sports fan and used to think I could escape the negative things on regular TV by watching sporting events. However, now I have to hear about athletes with drug problems, domestic violence, drinking while driving, etc. What about all the athletes that do good? The support and money that went into the Oklahoma City bombing, The hurricane in New Orleans, the countless visits to children in hospitals and that list also goes on. The athletes that do good far out number the ones in trouble, yet, we seldom hear about them. Why is that?

I have come to the conclusion we are a Negative Media Driven Society and thrive on bad news. Such a shame!!


  • Connie says:

    Very good thoughts!! I read a post yesterday that Mr Rogers told about his mother. He said that she used to tell him that when he saw something bad happening look for the good that is being done. That is true of Paris, 9-11, Oklahoma, Katrina, and on and it on. The good is happening all around us, but at the same time we must be aware that the devil is alive and well!!! All of God’s children must make a greater effort in resisting him!!!

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