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Today I want to share a thought on “Walls.”

A wall is nothing more than a separation from something else.


The “Great Wall of China.” The wall that separated East and West Berlin.

The walls in our home.

The wall in the back yard or around a piece of property.

The wall around Jerico

The wall we build in our own lives

I think to some extent  all of us have some type of wall that we have created, whether great or small, in our lives. There are different reasons for us to build a wall.


Sexual abuse

Physical abuse

Mental abuse

Been hurt by someone

Lied to

Lost trust–and the list goes on!!

Brick by brick by brick walls are built. They are built over time and sometimes they are hard to bring down. It doesn’t happen over night. However, brick by brick by brick we can destroy them.

The best example I can think of on how to get rid of a wall is to remember the wall of Jericho. The Lord told Joshua to march around the city once a day for six days and on the seventh day march around seven times, blow the horn, and the people will shout and the wall will come down. Joshua did as he was told and the wall was destroyed.

We are told several times in the Bible to give God all of our troubles, fears, cares, stresses, and He will take care of them. We have a plan of attack given to us by God just like Joshua had.

When life gives us a “Brick” to add to our wall, give it to God and take one from the wall that is already built and give that one to God also. Not over night, but over time, we can destroy the walls we have built in our lives.

SMILE God loves YOU!!

Have a good day all.

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