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Life is full of good intentions.
I’ll do “It” tomorrow.
I’m not ready–maybe later.
I don’t have time right now to do “That”.

Maybe it just isn’t on my priority list. You do have a priority list, right? Oh, I see, You’re going to make one tomorrow.

This is the real art of putting off ’til tomorrow what you don’t want to do today.

Procrastination by definition:
Put off intentionally or habitually; postpone
Putting off the doing of something that should be done.

My take on Procrastination is this: I don’t really WANT to do this so I will put “It” off until later. We tend to take care of the things we care about and WANT to do. The difficult or less desirable situation gets put off, even though it needs to be taken care of. It’s like when we get into a disagreement with someone and say to yourself–I’ll take care of this tomorrow. That is when the molehill turns into a mountain. Ever happen to you? I know, you’ll let me know tomorrow!!

Don’t put off or “Procrastinate” on things that need to be done, whether they be easy or difficult.

Question of the day: When you know what the Boss, or God, wants you to do, are you going to say, “I’ll do “THAT” later”?

SMILE God loves YOU!!
Have a good day.

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