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One of my “Pet Peeves” is, I can’t afford it. Most times when we say this or hear it, it has to do with money. Today I want to put it in a life circumstance.
First let’s look at the definition of afford:
1) To manage to bear or to bear the cost of without serious loss or detriment.
2) Yield, Furnish
In other words, are we willing to give up something in order to have something else?

God says in Colossians 3:5:
Put to death what is earthly.

Then is verse 12, He says to put on:

Now here we come with: “I CAN’T AFFORD” this, God, you’ve got to be kidding, right? I can’t make all these changes in my life!!
In other words, I’m saying to God that I’m not willing to “Yield”. I’m not willing to “Bear The Cost Of The Loss” I would incur with all the changes.

The choice we have in life is: Can we “AFFORD” God?

SMILE God loves YOU!!
Have a good day.

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